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Q - Do you accept credit cards?

A - Yes, we accept all four major credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. We will also accept PayPal payments.

Q - Do you do layaways?

A - Yes, we require a 20% down payment and the rest of the balance on the guitar must be paid off within 30 days. With a layaway purchase, the 48 hour approval is not an option.

Q - Do you offer appraisals?

A - Yes, we do appraisals for free. Send us an email at with a photo of your guitar and we'll reply with the current market value. We can also give you estimates about repair and refurbishment.

Q - Will you consign my guitars?

A - Yes, we will consign your high-end guitars with a 20% commission rate which includes all the photographing, website hosting, copywriting, customer support, and insurance coverage. Most other shops charge 30% just to hang it on the wall!

Q - What is your return policy?

A - If you want to return a guitar that we ship to you, contact us within 48 hours for a full  refund/return, no questions asked. You must pay for shipping both ways. For local purchases, there is no return policy.


All of the instruments at Holy Grail are guaranteed to be 100% original and unmodified unless otherwise noted.

We ship anywhere in the world.

Condition of the instruments is judged by the standard collectible grading system, which descends MINT, EC+, EC, EC-, VG+, VG, VG-, etc. We won't sell anything that is less than "very good" condition.